August 2, 2017

二十年来,围绕政府将番茄标记为蔬菜一直存在争议,因此它将在学校午餐计划中通过一个孩子的盘子。 虽然我不认为番茄应该贴上蔬菜的标签,但是大量优质的番茄应该是合格的。 西红柿对你来说很棒 - 而且更有趣的是,当它们煮熟时,它们似乎对你有好处。

For two decades now there has been controversy surround the government labeling tomato paste as a vegetable so that it will pass for one on kid's plates in school lunch programs. While I am not one who believes that tomato paste should be labeled a vegetable, a big serving of good quality tomato sauce should probably qualify. Tomatoes are g...

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