Why are tomatoes good for you?

二十年来,围绕政府将番茄标记为蔬菜一直存在争议,因此它将在学校午餐计划中通过一个孩子的盘子。 虽然我不认为番茄应该贴上蔬菜的标签,但是大量优质的番茄应该是合格的。 西红柿对你来说很棒 - 而且更有趣的是,当它们煮熟时,它们似乎对你有好处。

For two decades now there has been controversy surround the government labeling tomato paste as a vegetable so that it will pass for one on kid's plates in school lunch programs. While I am not one who believes that tomato paste should be labeled a vegetable, a big serving of good quality tomato sauce should probably qualify. Tomatoes are great for you - and what's even more interesting, they appear to be as good for you when they're cooked as when they're raw.

从技术上讲,西红柿是水果。 好吧,这是一个小点,但不管怎样,你应该吃更多的西红柿。 西红柿味道浓郁,热量低,含有相当数量的纤维,并富含维生素和抗氧化剂。 其中一种抗氧化剂番茄红素与降低前列腺癌风险和对LDL胆固醇有益有关。 西红柿是番茄红素的最佳来源之一,烹饪它们实际上有助于释放抗氧化剂。 中等生番茄含有约3.5毫克番茄红素,番茄酱含有近20毫克半杯,番茄汤含有约25毫克番茄酱。

Technically, tomatoes are fruits. OK, it's a small point but, either way, you should eat more tomatoes. Tomatoes are full of flavor, low in calories, have a fair amount of fiber and are chock full of vitamins and antioxidants. One of those antioxidants, lycopene, has been linked to lowering the risk of prostate cancer and having a beneficial effect on LDL cholesterol. Tomatoes are one of the best sources of lycopenes and cooking them actually helps release the antioxidant. A medium raw tomato has about 3.5 milligrams of lycopene, while tomato sauce has almost 20 milligrams in a half a cup and tomato soup about 25 milligrams in a cup.

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